Valentin Moldoveanu

FLAG Delta Dunarii

Valentin Moldoveanu is а Project Manager at the ASSOCIATION – LOCAL GROUP FOR SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES IN THE DANUBE DELTA since June 2017, ensuring the coordination of the entire activity of the Association.

Since March 2019 Valentin is the President of the Balkan and Black Sea Commission – CPRM – BBSC

– The purpose of the Balkan and Black Sea CRMR Commission (CBSC) is to act as the political voice of the CPMR regions located in the wider Balkans and the Black Sea, with the following main objectives. :

  • Improving dialogue and cooperation between all regional authorities in the wider Balkans and the Black Sea and further cooperation between its members
  • Promoting the integration or close cooperation of the Balkan and Black Sea regions with the Union European
  • Identifying, promoting and participating in cooperation programs that stimulate achievement or pursuing its objectives
  • Participation through consultations and proposals to interstate structures in the wider Balkans and the Sea Black.

Since September 2019 Valentin is a Member of the Mission Board for Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal an Inland Waters – European Commission, Brussels (Belgium). The task is to advise the European Commission in accordance with Article 5 (3) of the draft Horizon Europe specific program. During the first (current) working phase of the Mission Committee, emphasis will be placed on:

  • the identification and design of one or more missions in those areas and mission in accordance with the provisions and criteria set out in Article 7 (of the PGA on the Regulation on framework program). For this work, the Mission Council will base its deliberations and advice on evidence, expertise and contacts with stakeholders and will ensure a strong commitment to citizens;
  • the content of the Horizon Europe work programs and their revision, as necessary to achieve the objectives of the mission, with the input of stakeholders and, where appropriate, the public. For this work, the Mission Council will try to use and, if necessary, adapt the available tools of the work program to ensure that the objectives of the mission are met within the Horizon Europe work program;
  • the framework conditions which help to achieve the objectives of the mission

Since January 2016 he holds the position of Executive Director of the Association for Support in Social Economy Development – Inclusion, Cooperative Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship – IRCAS Tulcea, with which he carried out a series of projects financed from European funds in the field of social inclusion and entrepreneurship in the south. -is of Romania.

Since 2007 he coordinates as President of the Infotin Tulcea Association – with which he organized events for youth and in the field of environmental protection in the region.

Mr. Moldoveanu has a degree in sociology and is studying for a master’s degree in Geopolitics and Eastern European social and cultural interference.