Simon Blakey

University of Birmingham, Department of Mechanical Engineering
United Kingdom

Dr Blakey is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. Much of his research activity has focused on the technical suability of alternative fuels for aviation sector and the development of methods for the “fit for purpose” assessment of potential fuels and fuel compositions including combustion performance, with a particular focus on fuel system and fuel compatibility.

He has been involved in the following European fuels research programmes: AERONET II, ECATS, ALFABIRD, SWAFEA, and JETSCREEN as well as engine development programmes such as TECC-AE, International fuels research programmes on the development of synthetic fuels in particular the QSTP international consortium and the US Federal Aviation Authority led CLEEN and PARTNER programmes, and the UK national alternative fuels programme: OMEGA.

Simon is the on Alternative Fuels Working Group Leader within ECATS, a European Network of Excellence on Aviation and the Environment and is the Principle Investigator for the NewJET Network +, providing new understanding and insights into the benefits and barriers to a new fuel specification by 2040.