Martin Hadjistoikov

Founder and CEO
eCars BG emobility hub

Martin got attracted to the world of EVs for the first time when he saw that quirky Chevrolet Volt concept at 2008 Detroit motor show. In 2010 he started running the EV blog and forum and up to 2015 worked actively to promote e-mobility by blogging and co-organizing events. Since 2016 he decided it’s also time to start developing EV charging stations and started a production in 2017 with partners and fellow e-mobility enthusiasts. Today, eCars group is also a home of several other e-mobility projects like VsichkoTok Charging Network, EVIZIA tech show, KaramEL club and, of course, the Elektromobili BG production company. Armed with 10 years of e-mobility experience we’re more than ever focused on our mission to make e-mobility desirable and affordable.