Lucia Cristea

Managing Director
European Integrated Projects

Lucia has been involved in mobility research for 27 years and in autumn 2019 she has been awarded a Lifetime Award by European Commission for Outstanding Contribution to the development of Sustainable Mobility in Europe. She has established EIP in 2007 as she wanted to enhance the dialogue between different actors involved in the mobility field. One of Lucia’s professional interest is to raise awareness of the necessity to look at the mobility from different perspectives, and not only from technical point of view. Her personal interest is to improve the individual quality of life through better mobility services tailored for their particular mobility needs. She has a very good knowledge of the mobility sector in Europe and beyond and has played a leading role in key projects over the years from 4th Framework Programme to Horizon 2020. 

Lucia is involved in SMARTA project as the task coordinator of the Dissemination and networking activities. The project deals with rural shared mobility issues across Europe and it has been awarded by EC DG MOVE and sponsored by the European Parliament. She has also experience in other activities such as the development of the SUMP for 3 major Romanian Growth Poles (Bucharest, Constanta and Brasov), a H2020 project, SUMP PLUS and a research of the future needs of mobility users which allowed her to understand the complexity of the factors that drive mobility behaviour. SheI also researched how future emerging technologies will influence the mobility behaviour and also the provision of mobility products and services. Lucia has been working with UK representatives from 1992 onwards in all the research projects she has been involved.