Iulian Nichersu, PhD

Scientific Director
Danube Delta National Institute in Tulcea

Iulian Nichersu is senior researcher, doctor in Geography with 35 years of experience within the Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, where he has held the position of scientific director since 2017. Graduated in 1985 the Civil Engineering Technical University, Geodesy Faculty Bucharest. In 2000 he obtained his PhD within Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest. He has expertise in GIS, spatial planning, maritime policies, cartography, geomatics, fractal geometry, agent-based modelling, socio-anthropological studies, climate change adaptation, flood risk management and biodiversity conservation projects of special wetland areas from the Lower Danube Floodplain, Danube Delta and Black Sea Coastal Zone. Was awarded in 2000 with the Diploma of excellence in research for the project Green Corridor of Lower Danube by the Romanian Government, National Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation. As Scientific Director of the Danube Delta National Research and Development Institute, coordinates Institutional Development Strategy 2020-2030. As projects responsible he worked in elaborating the ecological restoration projects for the abandoned polders in order to create the Green corridor of lower Danube, elaborating the methodology of sustainable use of the natural resources from the wetlands, in order to protect and conservation the species and to an ecological equilibrium, stakeholder involvement in flood risk management and spatial planning, in national and international projects, as Integrated Management of European Wetlands, Cross Border Co-operation Programme Romania-Bulgaria/Protection of wetlands of the Danube – a pilot project for Cama – Dinu Islets area/Scientific assistance for the realization of the database, monitoring and inventory of flora and fauna in the Cama Dinu islets area , People for Ecosystem Based Governance in Assessing Sustainable Development of Ocean and Coast ”PEGASO”, INTERREG project – Stakeholder oriented flood risk assessment for the Danube floodplains- Danube Floodrisk, Danube’s River Morphology and Revitalization in DANUBEPARKS project. He coordinates the Romanian participation in 3 projects Horizon 2020 – 

ResponSeable, SCENT, FloodServ and DDNI team in EU DG Mare – MARSPLAN-BS project (“Cross-Border MARitime Spatial PLAN for the Black Sea – Romania and Bulgaria”).