Emilia Pecheva, Dr

Science and innovation officer for Bulgaria and Romania
British Embassy Sofia

Emilia had graduated physics from Sofia University and has a PhD in biomaterials. In July 2018 she joined British Embassy in Sofia as a science and innovation (S&I) officer. She is part of a bigger network of S&I officers in Europe and globally, namely the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN). This is a network of SIN officers based overseas whose purpose is to promote the UK’s strengths in science, engage with the local science and innovation community in support of UK policy overseas and facilitate greater bilateral collaboration between the UK and the host country. SIN officers build strong S&I networks in their host country across academia, policy-makers and industry. They promote the S&I strengths and achievements of the host country as well in order to facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations. Emilia covers the S&I links of UK experts with Bulgaria and Romania.